Finding files

Word provides several ways for you to find files.

  • In the Open dialog box, choose Tools → Search. In the File Search dialog box, you can look for documents based on their contents or location (on the Basic tab), or based on document properties (on the Advanced tab). Click Go. In the Results list, point at an item for a drop-down menu. Double-click an item to begin opening the document.
  • In Word, choose File ? File Search. The File Search task pane appears, where you can search for documents based on their contents or location. Click the Advanced File Search link to search based on document properties. After configuring the search criteria, click Go. In the Search Results task pane that appears, point at a document in the results list and a drop-down arrow will appear. Click the drop-down arrow for a list of commands related to the document.

    File Search task pane

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