FileMaker Developer 5 Ships

FileMaker has shipped FileMaker Developer 5, completing the introduction of its workgroup server product line. Other products in this line include the FileMaker Pro 5 client, FileMaker Pro Server 5, and FileMaker Server Unlimited 5. FileMaker Developer 5 lets database developers create FileMaker Pro solutions for workgroups as royalty-free runtime applications. FileMaker designed the FileMaker Pro 5 product line to emphasize rapid, easy database deployment to the Web. FileMaker Server Unlimited 5 lets you create a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Computers (RAIC) running FileMaker. A Java servlet fronts this array and connects to an enterprise Web server, such as IIS or Apache. Clients access these Web databases via their browsers. In adopting industry standards such as XML, FileMaker seeks to increase usage of its product as a front-end database in important sectors such as e-commerce and Business-to-Business (B2B) data interchange. FileMaker Developer 5 ships with documentation and examples for XML and APIs such as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), ODBC, Claris Dynamic Markup Language (CDML), and External Function plug-ins. In addition to an ODBC driver, FileMaker Developer 5 offers a JDBC driver that lets users create Java applications and applets using standard Java development tools as front-ends to FileMaker Pro databases. JDBC driver requirements include the following: JDBC API-compatible driver, and that the browser must be Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.1-compliant. Browsers that fulfill that requirement are Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 4.0 or higher for Windows or Mac, Netscape 4.0 for Windows with JDK updates, and Netscape 4.5 for Windows. FileMaker Developer 5 also provides an External Function plug-in API, which lets developers produce a broad array of functionality ranging from credit-card verification to scientific and financial calculations. The Web site contains information on FileMaker Developer 5's Internet connection requirements. FileMaker Developer 5 lets developers create solutions that aren't just runtime copies of the database. In Kiosk mode, developers can create database solutions that shield the user from the OS. FileMaker Pro 5 solutions run cross-platform on Windows and Mac systems. In addition, the Developer Tool lets developers rename files, add permanent password protection to databases, deploy royalty-free runtime solutions, and incorporate graphics from a library of artwork to enhance database interfaces. FileMaker Developer 5 is available for $499 from the FileMaker store or by calling 800-725-2747. Licensed users of FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition are eligible for a $100 mail-in rebate until December 31, 2000. Additional discounts are available for FileMaker Solutions Alliance members.

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