Fax Servers - 01 Feb 1996

  FaxFacts 5.0 FaxWorks Pro LAN
Windows NT 3.0h
RightFAX-NT 4.0 Zetafax 4.5 Fax Sr. Enterprise Server
for Windows NT 4.0.6
FACSys 4.01a
Contact: Copia International, Ltd. Global Village Communication RightFAX Zetafax Omtool Optus Software, Inc.
Phone: 708-682-8898 800-736-4821 520-327-1357 770-457-0630 603-898-8900 908-271-9568
Fax: 708-665-9841 408-523-2407 520-321-7459 770-457-5225 603-890-6756 908-271-1044
FOD: 708-924-3030 408-523-2402
Server Attributes
FOD Yes No No No No No
Runs under NT Workstation & NT Workstation & NT Server NT Workstation & NT Workstation & NT Workstation &
NT Server NT Server NT Server NT Server NT Server
Runs as Application Application Service Application or service Service Service
Route determination DID, DTMF DID, DTMF, Manual DID, DTMF, Manual, DID, DTMF, Sender DID, DTMF, Manual DID, DTMF, Manual
OCR (optional) Identification, Manual
Broadcast Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fax adapters Brooktrout, GammaLink, Brooktrout Brooktrout, GammaLink
Comwave Brooktrout Brooktrout, GammaLink Brooktrout, GammaLink
Client Attributes
OCR No Yes Optional (server-based) Optional (via Xerox Text Bridge) Optional No
Send/receive via email No (Q1,1996) Optional Optional Receive (requires manual routing) Send only Both
Integrated scanner support No Yes Yes Yes No No
Embed fax codes in document Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Utilities for DOS, 16-bit Windows DOS, 16-bit Windows, DOS, 16-bit Windows, 16-bit Windows DOS, 16-bit Windows, 32-bit 16-bit Windows, 32-bit
32-bit Windows 32-bit Windows, OS/2 Windows, Macintosh Windows
Print drivers for 16-bit Windows DOS, Windows, Windows (doesn't need Windows, Windows 95, DOS, Windows, Windows Windows, Windows 95,
Windows 95, NT print drivers to receive & NT 95, Windows NT, Macintosh & NT
fax data streams from Simple, easy-to- Server monitoring, least- Easy to install, configure,
supported clients)
Pros Full-featured FOD Polished easy-to-use Add-on module for
system GUI for all modules from server-based OCR to implement client print cost routing, and email and use
installation to operation enable client-side OCR interface capabilities; a sophisticated
and routing based on enterprise-wide solution
cover-page contents
Optional IVR software Well-rounded product Optional gateway for fax Good set of core Comprehensive support for Supports variety of methods
with scanner support, send/receive operations features range of client environments for generating faxes,
cover-sheet designer, via email including email and DDE
OCR capabilities, and
optional email gateway
Cons Unfriendly installation No support for Runs only on NT Server Awkward to configure Difficult to recover from Runs only on NT Server
and configuration embedded codes advanced fax adapter errors that occur during
(i.e., Brooktrout adapter) automated installation/
configuration/test process
Designed primarily for Lack of print drivers that Feature set not as broad Fax Sr.'s sophistication No scanner or OCR support
FOD; shared send/receive prompt for route information-- as competitive products complicates product
fax secondary may be confusing to DOS, troubleshooting
Windows 95, NT, and
OS/2 users
Price $2200 $2495 $1495
$ 999 (email option) $1295 (OCR option) $ 525 $2495 $995 (server)
$1295 (email option) $449 (10 client licenses)
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