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FastTrack Scripting Host 6.4 Released, Simplifies Compiling Scripts into .Exe Files

Binary Research International (BRI), a provider of software solutions, training, and services, released FastTrack Scripting Host version 6.4, a pseudo-language designed to handle scripting needs in a Windows network. A highlight of FastTrack Scripting Host 6.4 is the ability to compile scripts into executable files with a single mouse click.

FastTrack Scripting Host 6.4 can compile a script into an executable file with a single mouse click—that is, the user can open a script and click the toolbar icon to save the script as an exe file. The files created can be executed without FastTrack—nothing special is needed to run or view the files. This feature could be useful for administrators who have computers in a public area where there may be security concerns, those who work with computers and users not available for ordinary servicing, or consultants writing scripts for customers.

FastTrack Scripting Host 6.4 also incorporates enhancements to the SyncDir command for backup and replication that are designed to save users' time. SyncDir could be used for backing up users' documents, creating a custom backup tool for users, or backing up or replicating data on a server.

BRI provides an example of a script that shows how to embed a FastTrack Scripting Host script into the unattended Windows 7 installation process for automating common tasks after installation. You can download the sample script here.

Licensing for FastTrack Scripting Host is per seat, based on the number of computers executing a FastTrack script. Pricing starts at $18 per seat at the entry level of 25 machines, dropping to $7.20 per seat at the 5,000-seat level. Discounts may be available for qualifying government, education and non-profit organizations. For more information or for a free trial download, visit You can also view a demo of FastTrack Scripting Host here.

FastTrack Scripting Host 6.4

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