Fast Photo Renamer Makes Sense

Feel like giving your digital photos new identities that actually make sense? Fast Photo Renamer 2.20 is a one-function software application that does exactly that. It takes digital image files with obscure names such as img_0275.jpg or dsc00403.jpg and changes them to "Fishing Trip 2007" or "Aruba Vacation Day 1."

Here's how Fast Photo Renamer works. In the product's One By One mode, you simply select a folder in which you've stored photographs, look at the image of a particular file in the lower left corner of the software's GUI, type in a new name for the photo, press Enter, and the program moves on to the next photo. In the product's Batch mode, you create a template consisting of a prefix, a position at which numeration should start, and the number of digits to be used in file names. Click the Rename button. Everything else is automatic and instantaneous.

Fast Photo Renamer is simple and valuable for people who have to deal with large quantities of digital images. You can obtain Fast Renamer 2.20 electronically over the Internet; a free demo version is available at the company Web site for evaluation. The software costs $14.95.

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