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HTI+ certification can turn your enthusiasm for home technology into a career

The Value of The Home Technology Integration Certification


The Home Technology Integrator (HTI+) certification initiative is a partnership between CompTIA and the Internet Home Alliance. The HTI+ certificate is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that a Home Technology Integrator (HTI+) professional has attained a standard of excellence in the integrated home network industry. 

The HTI+ certification program covers a broad range of knowledge required of a home technology installer/integrator.  It represents a good balance of skills and knowledge required to perform well on the job. The professional that becomes HTI+ certified should have equivalent knowledge and skill levels of that of an individual that has 6 months of experience in each one of the sub-systems of the home.


The reasons employers and installers value HTI+ certification

  • Certification standards provide a reliable predictor of employee success.

  • Certification provides a hiring standard for integration professionals, a bar of measurement for retention requirements and promotion decisions

  • Companies can expect uniform training standards – lowering training costs.

  • Ensures differentiation and a competitive edge for service businesses

  • Building Trades/Retail/Manufacturing: Certified contractors reduce the risk of warranty issues with new homeowners & services installations

  • Certified personnel enjoy increased self-esteem from successfully demonstrating they have skills deemed necessary by the industry (Value Differentiation)

  • Certified personnel, in general, optimize performance for their employers

  • Quality assurance indicator to the end user (home owner)

  • Certification validates experience

  • Career advancement opportunities for certified professionals

  • HTI+ is world-class and is backed by the leading industry suppliers  

Certification Content and the importance of standards:


The HTI+ certification is based on a set of standards designed to measure the mastery of core competencies regarding the installation, integration, and troubleshooting of the sub-systems outlined below (certification content).  To earn the HTI+ designation, the candidate must pass two unique computer-based exams that assess and demonstrate prescribed skills and knowledge


The HTI+ certification exams are:

  • HTI+ Residential Systems (Exam 1) HT0-101

  • HTI+ Systems Infrastructure and Integration (Exam 2) HT0-102

    HTI+ Residential Systems (Exam 1)

1.0     Computer Networking Fundamentals (25 percent)

2.0     2.0 Audio/Video Fundamentals (20 percent)

3.0     Home Security and Surveillance Systems (10 percent)

4.0     Telecommunications Standards (10 percent)

5.0     Home Lighting Control (10 percent)

6.0     HVAC Management (10 percent)

7.0     Water System Controls (10 percent)

8.0     Home Access Controls (3 percent)

9.0     Miscellaneous Automated Home Features (2 percent)

HTI+ Systems Infrastructure and Integration

Structured Wiring (50 percent)

Systems Integration (50 percent) 

More information can be found at the following Web address:   http://www.comptia.org/certification/HTI/objectives.asp

Exam Facts:

  • The HTI+ exams are available at over 500 locations worldwide, through the Prometric and VUE testing centers.  Exams can be scheduled anytime during normal working hours.

  • The HTI+ exams are proctored exams.  They are vendor neutral and legally defensible exams.

  • To become HTI+ certified, a candidate must pass both exams.

  • Once a candidate is HTI+ certified, he/she is certified for life.

  • The cost of each HTI+ exam is $155 for CompTIA members.  Total cost to become certified, per member candidate is:  $310

  • The cost of each HTI+ exam is $207 USD for non-CompTIA members.  Total cost to become certified, per non-member candidate is:  $414

  • Each HTI+ exam consists of 100 questions.

  • Each candidate has a 90 minute time limit to complete each exam.

  • There aren’t any prerequisites to take the HTI+ certification exams, however training is highly recommended. More information on training can be found via the Web address above.

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