Executive Insights: Hot Vendors Lists Coming Soon from Aragon Research

Executive Insights: Hot Vendors Lists Coming Soon from Aragon Research

The lists feature top vendors in collaboration and communications, content management, machine and deep learning, mobile and IOT, sales and marketing.

It is hard to believe, but this year marks the fourth year that Aragon Research will be selecting and naming our Hot Vendors. In 2012, our first year of Hot Vendors, many wondered why we were doing it, partly because Aragon was still new in the market. Jump ahead to just a year later and Media Outlets, such as CMSWire, referred to our award as the “coveted Aragon Hot Vendor award.”

As we enter our fourth year, the 2015 Hot Vendor Awards have expanded, partly because technology markets have grown due to the rise of business applications. Our Hot Vendors are evaluated against the following criteria:

  • A product or service offering that is innovative in its approach in an existing market
  • A powerful new technology or new business application
  • An offering that leverages Cloud, Collaboration, Content, Communications, Mobile, Security or Deep Learning in a way that will delight buyers.

For 2015, we will have more than 14 different Hot Vendor Reports in multiple categories, including:

Collaboration and Communications

  • Hot Vendors in Mobile Collaboration, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Structured Collaboration. 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Mobile, Video and Communications Platform as a Service, 2015
  • Video
  • Hot Vendors in Video Conferencing, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Video, 2015

Content Management and DTM

  • Hot Vendors in Mobile Content Management, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Content and Collaboration, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Digital Transaction Management, 2015

Machine and Deep Learning

  • Hot Vendors in Machine Learning, 2015

Mobile and IOT

  • Hot Vendors in Mobile App Development and MBaaS, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in IOT, 2015

Sales and Marketing

  • Hot Vendors in Sales Communications, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Social Selling, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Marketing, 2015
  • Hot Vendors in Marketing Automation, 2015


  • Hot Vendors in Enterprise Security, 2015

There are other reports coming, so stay tuned for each of the individual Hot Vendor research notes over the coming weeks. One thing is for sure: it’s cool to be hot. 

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