Exchange Server Error on HP NetServers

While attempting to load Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 on one of my company's Hewlett-Packard HP NetServers, I encountered a bizarre error message that I couldn't work around. Every time I ran Setup, I received the error message The command lodctr dsactrs.ini failed, returning an error code of <32>. Do you know what happened?

This error message, which Figure 2, page 156, shows, appears because of the agent software that is installed by default on most HP NetServers. (You can view the agent processes—most HP NetServers hold eight agents—in Task Manager and from the Control Panel Services applet.) The problem occurs because Exchange Server Setup needs to update files (including two files related to Performance Monitor, perfc009.dat and perfh009.dat) that the agent processes have opened.

To permit the Exchange Server 5.5 installation process to complete properly, you have a few options. Try stopping the agents manually on the Services applet or stopping their related processes on Task Manager's Processes tab. (HP NetServer agent process names all begin with hp.) Then, rerun Setup. If the error persists, disable all the HP NetServer-related services in the Services applet, reboot the server, and retry the Exchange Server installation. After the Exchange Server installation is complete, you can safely reenable the HP NetServer agent services that you disabled.

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