Exchange & Outlook UPDATE, Exchange Edition--Exchange and Daylight Saving Time—Again!--February 22, 2007

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*Commentary: Exchange and Daylight Saving Time—Again!
*Robichaux Team to Deliver Exchange Sessions at 9-City Roadshow Tour
*Exchanging Ideas: Plan Your Dive, Dive Your Plan
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Webinar: Resolving the Top 10 BlackBerry Issues

The Email Management Crisis

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Webinar: Resolving the Top 10 BlackBerry Issues
This Zenprise sponsored Webinar will review how to proactively troubleshoot the 10 most common types of BlackBerry problems. Learn what to look for in the application logs, what performance counters to monitor, and what BES and Exchange configurations to watch over. This Webinar will review problems with the address book, with message delivery and receipt, with calendar syncing, enterprise activation, handheld and Outlook contact syncing, and more. Speaker: Vernon L. Weitzman—is a Microsoft Exchange Architect since 1994 and a BlackBerry expert since BlackBerry Enterprise Server v1.6 in 1999 and has consulted on hundreds of BlackBerry enterprise deployments. Clients include: Bank Of America, ChevronTexaco, Chase, CNN, and SBC to name a few. Date: March 8, 2007. Time: 11 A.M.-12 P.M. PT. Register Now!


***COMMENTARY: Exchange and Daylight Saving Time—Again!
by Paul Robichaux, Exchange Editor, [email protected]

I didn't intend to write about updating Exchange for the daylight saving time (DST) change again this week, but there's still so much confusion around it that I wanted to share some problems—and solutions—experienced by early adopters of Microsoft's update strategy. Of course, "early" in this context is relative; as I write this, there are about 19 days until DST goes into effect, and that's not a lot of time considering that nearly every Windows client in North America needs to be patched.

First, many users have reported problems after installing the DST patch for Exchange. There are two primary problems: not being able to mount mailbox stores after the patch is applied and losing permissions on shared mailboxes. The problem of mounting mailbox stores is caused by ambiguous SIDs on the object in the msExchMasterAccountSID attribute or in the sIDHistory attribute. The fix for this class of problems is detailed in the Microsoft article "Information Store database does not mount with Event ID 9519 and 9518." The problem with permissions on shared mailboxes is usually due to what I call the BlackBerry Effect; applying any hotfix later than release 7650.23 to the store will cause a change in the way shared permissions are evaluated (see "Permission Changes Surprise Mobile Device Administrators," May 9, 2006). Some sites haven't applied any hotfixes since before May 2006 when this fix was released, and now they're running into problems.

Second, if you're using resource mailboxes, apparently the Exchange Time Zone Update tool makes a big mess. Neither the Auto Accept Agent nor direct-booked Outlook resources will correctly accept meeting updates generated by the tool. Microsoft is aware of the problem and lists some workarounds on the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog. For now, if you're using resource mailboxes, you should probably hold off on running the Exchange or Outlook update tools.

Third, it's still a good idea to take precautionary measures such as updating your meeting subject or location fields with the correct start time. Doing so is a hassle, and you shouldn't have to do it—but better to prepare now than regret it later!

Fourth, Microsoft started distributing the DST patch for Windows through Windows Update and Microsoft Update on February 13. Apple started pushing its own client DST patch last week as well. However, you're still on your own for updating Windows Mobile clients; versions prior to Windows Mobile 6.0 don't include an automatic update mechanism.

Finally, a couple of astute readers asked why Microsoft waited so long to get out a fix for this problem; after all, the company has known the DST changeover was coming. I don't have a good answer for that. None of the Microsoft product teams involved—Windows, Exchange, and Outlook—have done a good job of clearly communicating what needs to be done. I say this despite the flood of information that Microsoft's been issuing—primarily because they keep changing or extending their guidance. (If it's any consolation, lots of other companies are having similar problems.) Thank goodness this change isn't likely to repeat itself any time soon. The upheaval does give ammunition to the swelling number of people who have been arguing that DST should be abolished altogether.


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The Email Management Crisis
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***Robichaux Team to Deliver Exchange Sessions at 9-City Roadshow Tour

Paul Robichaux and his team will unveil Microsoft's vision for Unified Communications, explain Exchange Server 2007 architecture and deployment, and introduce new security and compliance capabilities of Exchange 2007 at a roadshow event kicking off in New York on March 27. Other sessions will cover unified messaging (UM) and real-time communications using Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Produced by Windows IT Pro and sponsored by Microsoft, AMD, Dell, HP, Mimosa Systems, and Quest Software, this one-day event will give attendees a comprehensive overview of the real-world implications of deploying Exchange 2007 and Unified Communications technology.

Cities currently scheduled for the tour are New York on March 27, Atlanta on March 29, Denver on April 10, Chicago on April 12, San Francisco on April 17, Anaheim on April 19, Dallas on April 24, and Boston on April 26.

Attendee fee is $99, which includes a full day of content, access to presentation decks, a one-year subscription to Windows IT Pro magazine (or extension for current subscribers), T-shirt and attendee bags with additional information from Exchange third-party vendors, and the opportunity to win special prizes. Full agenda, session abstracts, and speaker details are available at:



Focus: Plan Your Dive, Dive Your Plan

Heed this sound advice: Planning and follow-through are the keys to a successful technology upgrade.

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