Enterprise Mode for IE11 with Better Support for IE7, New GPOs, Bulk Import

Enterprise Mode for IE11 with Better Support for IE7, New GPOs, Bulk Import

What started as a good idea, is quickly becoming a full featured management tool for Internet Explorer compatibility issues. Enterprise Mode for and Enterprise Site Discovery are provided by Microsoft to help customers better stomach an upgrade to its most current enterprise web browser, IE11. This is important, since January 12, 2016 is the deadline for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to migrate to this version.

Microsoft has been making steady improvements, offering compatibility enhancements and new features along the way since its initial release in April of 2014. This month even more updates are available ensuring that customers can feel comfortable making the 2016 deadline.

The first improvement is IE7 Enterprise Mode. This new feature combines Compatibility View with Enterprise Mode, allowing better, automated compatibility with web properties that require it. Additionally, since the special IE7 Enterprise Mode is now available, Microsoft has also split the feature out into new, distinct modes: IE8 Enterprise Mode and IE11 Document Mode (renamed from Edge Mode).

As a second improvement, Microsoft is making new GPO settings available and adding a new, bulk import feature for the Enterprise Mode Site List tool, giving you the capability to import a bunch of XML files containing information gathered through the GPOs.

Here's some resources:

Updated Enterprise Site List Manager tool

Enabling Enterprise Mode

Enterprise Site Discovery Toolkit

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