Emulate Apache in IIS

Helicon Tech has released the beta for a product that emulates the Apache web server on Microsoft’s IIS web server, called Helicon APE (which stands for Apache Emulation). According to Helicon Tech, Helicon APE allows companies to migrate Apache websites to IIS without modifications and/or allows you to use Apache modules on IIS. While the beta for Helicon APE does not currently support all Apache modules, the company plans to expand support in future versions. 

Apache is the most popular web server in use today, though IIS is generally considered superior for large-scale environments already running Server 2008 or 2003. For companies that currently manage both web servers in different spaces, or plan to acquire companies using Apache, this product may offer an easier way to migrate. Follow this link to download the beta.

A full list of the modules currently implemented is available on Helicon Tech’s website.

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