Emergency Repair Disk issues after installation of Service Pack 3.

A. Due to changes in Service Pack 3 the Emergency Repair Disk process has changed. The file setupdd.sys that is on the 2nd NT installation disk has been superseded by the one supplied with service pack 3. To extract the file from the Service Pack 3 executable, follow the instructions below:

  1. Copy nt4sp3_i.exe to a temporary area
  2. Uncompress the service pack
    nt4sp3_i /x
  3. Insert the second NT installation disk (do not use the originals, create a new set using winnt32 /ox)
  4. Set the file setupdd.sys to write enabled
    attrib -r a:\setupdd.sys
  5. Copy the new setupdd.sys to the 2nd installation disk
    copy setupdd.sys a:

This is discussed in the Service Pack 3 readme file, and also in knowledge base article Q146887.

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