Edit and format WordArt

When you select a WordArt object, the WordArt toolbar will appear. If it does not, choose View → Toolbars ? WordArt. This allows you to manipulate the WordArt object.

WordArt toolbar

  • To change the text of the WordArt object, click the Edit Text button in the WordArt toolbar, or just double click the WordArt object itself.
  • To apply a different style of WordArt effects to the object, click the WordArt Gallery button.
  • If you want more direct control over the appearance of the WordArt object, click the WordArt Shape button and select a shape from the shapes menu.

    WordArt Shapes Menu

  • To modify the fill colors (including gradients, textures, and picture fills), line colors, and other characteristics of the WordArt object, click the Format WordArt button.
    In the Format WordArt dialog box, click the Colors and Lines tab and, from Fill Color drop-down list, choose Fill Effects. Here, you can fill the WordArt object with a gradient, texture, or picture.
  • You can create an effect in which lowercase letters are enlarged to be the same size as uppercase letters using the WordArt Same Letter Heights button.
  • The WordArt Vertical Text button will toggle between horizontal and vertical text.
  • Click the WordArt Alignment button for options to control the horizontal alignment of text in the WordArt object.
  • The WordArt Character Spacing button allows you to increase or decrease the amount of space between letters in the text.
    You can also add actual spaces to the text to increase the spacing between words.
  • The Text Wrapping button, which appears only when WordArt is inserted in a Word document, controls how text wraps around the object.

In addition, you can use other tools to apply formatting to the object as a whole:

  • Use the Shadow Style and 3-D Style buttons on the Drawing toolbar to add shadows and three-dimensional effects to WordArt.
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