E3: Nintendo Shows Off Wii, Promises Gaming for the Rest of Us

This week, Nintendo promised to ship its Wii (pronounced "wee," not "why") game console (previously codenamed Revolution) in the fourth quarter of 2006 at a price that undercuts both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, although Nintendo didn't specify either a date or a price. However, the company did demonstrate the Wii for the first time and reactions were lukewarm to positive. Nintendo's strategy is to win over gamers with its low prices and great gaming experiences, and of course the company plans to release a number of games with built-in audiences, such as sequels to Mario and Zelda. Will it work? I expect Nintendo to come in third place behind both Microsoft and Sony, but it should be able to do pretty well financially because it won't take as big a hit on its hardware costs as do those other companies

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