Dual-use USB/Lightning Port Charging Cable

Most people that own an iOS device that sports a lightning port, also own a stack of other devices that use standard USB connections for charging. Why companies don’t just use industry standard connections for their devices – oh wait – right. This is Apple. The company that makes just as much money off proprietary accessories as it does actual devices. Never mind.

That said, though, one company has devised a cable that acts as both a lightning port and a USB charging cable so you don’t have to switch cables on the fly. One single, hybrid cable can be used for both.

I have iPhones I use for testing things, but they are older versions and nothing with a lightning port. My daughter, on the other hand, loves to use this cable in the car. She can quickly switch between charging her iPhone and her tablet.

ROMOSS makes this particular cable and you can find it on Amazon for around $8: ROMOSS Rolink Hybrid 8pin and Micro USB Cable

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