Does Windows support the Promise Ultra ATA/66?

A. The Promise Ultra ATA/66 is an IDE interface card which with newer hard disks you can have 66MB/s transfer times.

Promise have produced drivers for Windows NT 4.0 which can be downloaded from and there is now a special version for Windows 2000, however as of build 2114 a built in driver for the Ultra ATA/66 is supplied and works great. If you move from IDE to the Promise card you will need to change your boot.ini file from the multi() to the scsi() syntax.

If you perform an in-place upgrade of NT 4.0 with the promise ultra 66 card/driver installed to Windows 2000 (2031) Pro it works absolutely perfectly with the Promise Card. In Device Manager, the Ultra 66 card is listed correctly under SCSI devices, and under driver details, you will get "c:\winnt\system32\drivers\ultra66.sys" with a file version of 1.42 (build 0218), by Promise Technology, Inc. You should update to the new Windows 2000 driver once installation has completed to be on the safe side.

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