Does the new Microsoft IntelliPoint software 3.0 software install on NT/Windows 2000?

A. The new Microsoft mice use IntelliPoint 3.0 software which runs under Windows NT with Service Pack 3 installed. The software is not currently supported under Windows 2000 however you can install with the following command:

C:\&gt; &lt;CD ROM&gt;:\setup\setup setup win2000<br>
e.g. d:\setup\setup setup win2000

I would expect to see a Windows 2000 version of the IntelliPoint software shortly.

You cannot use the USB connection in Windows NT 4.0 but it works fine in Windows 2000.

B.T.W. The new Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer is very cool :-)

An update, is now available which runs on Windows 2000.

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