Disable or customize automatic spelling and grammar features

You can manage the behavior of Word's spelling and grammar features using the Spelling & Grammar options.

  • Choose Tools → Options and click the Spelling & Grammar tab.

In Spelling & Grammar options, you can:

Spelling and Grammar options

  • Check or clear the Check spelling as you type box and the Check grammar as you type box. These options disable the red and green wavy underlines of the automatic spelling and grammar check.
  • Click Hide spelling errors in this document or Hide grammatical errors in this document to remove remaining red and green wavy underlines in this document.
    When you send a document that you have spell checked and another user opens it, it will be checked by that user's copy of Word using that user's dictionary, so all kinds of "false positive" errors will appear. Therefore, we recommend you select Hide spelling errors in this document and Hide grammatical errors in this document after you have checked spelling and before you send the document to a customer or other important person. If you've ever received a Word document packed with wavy underlines (even if the words are spelled correctly), you know how unprofessional that looks.
  • Select what types of words are ignored by the spelling check. By default, words are ignored if they are all upper case, contain numbers, or look like a path to a file.
  • Click Custom Dictionaries and, in the Custom Dictionaries dialog box, modify, create or delete dictionaries.

    Custom Dictionaries dialog box

  • Click the Settings button to specify what types of grammar are checked.

    Grammar Settings

    Settings such as Misused words, Possessives and plurals, Commonly confused words, and Subject – verb agreement can be extremely useful as a supplement to spell check. You might desire to deselect other settings that are more style-oriented.



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