Dictating Voice Notes Hands-Free to Cortana

Dictating Voice Notes Hands-Free to Cortana

Here's a quick, but highly useful tip.

Similar to how you can use voice commands for Kopy to initiate a voice session, you can use Cortana together with OneNote to dictate hands-free. The output is then stored automatically in OneNote as both text and audio. This is a great function, particularly if you want to store thoughts, notes, addresses, etc., etc., but can't muster the courage to text while driving.

To do this…

Run Cortana in "listening" mode (tap and hold the on-screen Search button) and then say the word "Note"

After a few seconds Cortana will come back and wait for you to dictate your note. Once you are finished, Cortana will save both the text and the audio of your dictation to OneNote (under Quick Notes).

Now, anytime you need to, you can open OneNote and retrieve your note (audio and text) so you can read it, or listen to your own voice repeat it back.

From what I understand this will work with iOS and Android, too. Siri apparently understands OneNote, while Android requires an additional step to associate OneNote with voice commands. Who knows? Maybe Cortana will actually make an appearance on iOS and Android soon so those mobile OS's can experience her helpful ways.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Useful?

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