Desktop Computer - 14 Sep 2004

Last year, the Dell OptiPlex easily won the Readers' Choice award for Best Desktop Computer. This year, Dell accomplished an even more amazing feat. The company took the top prize as a write-in for Best Desktop Computer and walked away with two other awards in the Client Hardware category, Best Laptop/Notebook Computer and Best PDA.

Because Dell won as a write-in for Best Desktop Computer, readers specified a range of models (e.g., Dell Dimension, OptiPlex, Dell Precision) that they viewed as top performers, with the OptiPlex mentioned most often. But many readers just submitted the word "Dell," an indication of the popularity of the company's desktop products in general. Readers repeatedly praised Dell's price, performance, reliability, and support. One reader summed up the impression Dell desktop computers make on customers: "Dude, it's a Dell. It doesn't break. Great service and good prices." Dell customers can select from two lines of desktop systems. The OptiPlex line is designed for corporate, institutional, and small-business customers with networked environments. The Dimension line is designed for small businesses and home users and typically features the most recent high-performance components.

512-338-4400 or 800-388-8542
2nd Place — HP Compaq dc5000
3rd Place — Gateway Profile 5
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