DelAge32 Has Old Files Shaking Like a Leaf

I came across interesting freeware called DelAge32 by Horst Schaeffer on his Web site at This utility lets you delete files based on their age. Deleting files by their age is helpful, for example, when you need to reboot a demo laptop, which automatically deletes old files, but you don't want to lose all the files set up in the last day or two.

The DelAge32 command's syntax is

DelAge32 filespec days \[options\] 

where filespec and days specify the files to search through and how old the files must be (i.e., minimum age in days), respectively. For example, the command

DelAge32 C:\some\where\*.* 100 

tells DelAge32 to delete any files that are 100 days old or older in the C:\some\where folder.

DelAge32 has 11 options you can use. The optional arguments include the /move and preview options. The /move option tells DelAge32 to move rather than delete the target files. The /preview option tells DelAge32 to only list the target files, which lets you safely determine which files will be deleted or moved before you actually perform the delete or move operation.

TAGS: Windows 8
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