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Deals of the Day: Learn PowerShell for Half Off!

Just a quick non-technical post... I'll be back a bit later with some technical meat for ya.

Manning, the publisher of my new book Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, is offering 50% off the book through February 4. Run, do not walk, to get the details and take advantage of this offer. Plus, by getting the book now, you'll be able to provide feedback that can be incorporated into the final edition (which you'll also get as part of your purchase). 

You've also got a few days less than one month to take advantage of the early bird offer for my 5-Day PowerShell Retreat this summer. 5 days of intense PowerShell training (even if you have zero experience and don't want to learn to program, you'll love this), all breakfasts, all lunches, one gourmet dinner out on the town, and your hotel room - for under $3000. I can't do any better than that and the price will go up in February!

Make 2011 the Year You Learned the Shell!

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