Cyberlink, InterVideo Release XP Add-ons

Microsoft announced today that two of the companies scheduled to release multimedia add-on packs for Windows XP--Cyberlink and InterVideo--are already selling the add-ons online. As previously reported, Microsoft signed deals with Cyberlink, InterVideo, and Raviscent to supply MP3 encoding and DVD playback add-ons for XP so that users who need these key technologies have an easy and affordable way to obtain them. Most XP users will get this functionality when they buy a new PC, however.

"CyberLink and InterVideo are helping to make Windows XP the best and most complete digital media experience on the PC," said Dave Fester, general manager of Microsoft's Windows Digital Media Division. "Customers of Windows XP now have an expanded choice for both the leading digital-music formats and technology vendors, all for a price under $10."

Cyberlink's products are called the MP3 PowerEncoder for Windows XP and PowerDVD SE, respectively; InterVideo markets its products as MP3 XPack and DVD XPack. Both MP3 encoders retail for $9.99, and the DVD decoders cost $14.99; the two companies offer packages with both add-ons for $19.99. The add-ons are available for download from the Web.

Cyberlink Power Packs
InterVideo XPacks

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