Customizing text animation

  1. Right-click a text object and choose Custom Animation.
  2. In the Custom Animation task pane, click the Add Effect button and select an effect.
  3. To control the introduction of bullet points on the slide, click the drop-down arrow on the effect in the Custom Animation task pane and choose Effect Options.
  4. Click the Text Animation tab.
  5. Select a grouping from the Group Text drop-down list.
    The higher the number, the more detailed control the presenter will have.  That level bullet will appear with all subordinate bullet points.
  6. Optionally, add effects such as In Reverse Order.
  7. On the Timing tab, you can determine whether text appears based on the presenter's mouse clicks, or automatically.
  8. Click OK when you are finished.


  • Click the Play button to see a preview of the effects.  Note that the preview does not demonstrate timing or presenter control over animation—it simply shows you a quick preview of the overall animation effect.
  • To see the animation in full effect, click the Slide Show from current slide button.
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