CumuLogic intros PaaS for cloud

Platform-as-a-service provider CumuLogic has introduced the beta version of its offering, which is aimed at giving enterprises and cloud providers the ability to build and manage Java PaaS in private cloud environments

The company sees PaaS as an upgrade from infrastructure-as-a-service because of the level of control it gives to application developers.

“IaaS bring enormous value, but PaaS removes the complexity and allows developers to deliver tremendous value,” said Laura Ventura, co-founder and VP of marketing of CumuLogic. “The product is designed from the ground up for the enterprise. We built it to make sure IT is in full control.”

CumuLogic’s aim is to maximize the flexibility of cloud application development, with special attention paid to security and compliance requirements. Its PaaS offering runs on Amazon EC2, (which was recently acquired by Citrix), Eucalyptus and VMware. An OpenStack version is next, Ventura said.

The product provides support for multiple clouds which allows clouds from multiple vendors to be supported at the same time. Also included is the ability to mix and match middleware software components that enable the deployment of many different and customizable applications, she said.

“Enterprises don’t want the one-size-fits-all you get from Amazon,” Ventura said. “They want to leverage existing investments.”


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