CrossTec Announces NetOP Remote Control for Windows XP

CrossTec announced that its new NetOP Remote Control 7.01 now provides support for Windows XP. NetOP Remote Control provides cross-platform support so that users can remotely control Windows, OS/2, Linux, and MS-DOS systems from any Windows platform, including Windows CE. NetOP's Security Server was one of three products that received the "Best of Comdex" award in November 2001.

NetOP Remote Control offers user-password protection, a view-only mode, user notification, and an automatic-callback feature. The software is available as a Guest module, a Host module, a NetOP Gateway Server, a NetOP Name Server, and a NetOP Security Server. The Guest module lets a PC remotely control any computer running the Host module. The Host module lets any computer running the Guest module remotely control a PC. The NetOP Gateway Server is a special, secure module that acts as an inbound/outbound routing mechanism and firewall for NetOP traffic. The NetOP Name Server registers NetOP names and resolves them into IP addresses for easy, transparent access to Hosts with dynamic IP addresses. The NetOP Security Server module provides centralized security, authentication of users, and logging of NetOP activity

Pricing for NetOP Remote Control packages start at $179, and you can purchase standalone software priced per user or per PC. Users can download a fully functional evaluation copy. CrossTec provides toll-free technical support at no charge. For detailed product information, or to receive evaluation copies, visit the company's Web site, call the company at 800-675-0729 or 561-391-6560, or send email to [email protected]

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