Cortana Puts iPhone Users in Group Therapy

Cortana Puts iPhone Users in Group Therapy

Maybe your iPhone just isn't that into you

A funny new ad from Microsoft pokes fun at the Siri feature in iPhone and how it falls short of the new Cortana functionality in Windows Phone. Hey, it's Monday: Let's start the week off with a few laughs.

The conversation is classic.

"I feel betrayed," one therapy participant says to nods. "I was expecting too much," another adds. "It seems like when I'm ready to go out [Siri] just can't keep up."

"So everyone was expecting more ... from Siri," the therapist says.

"She doesn't understand a f[bleep]ing thing about me," one iPhone user blurts out.

"We all saw the commercials," the first participant says. "Her hanging out with celebrities, acting all cool and stuff. I want to ... you know, be a part of stuff."

"Same here!" a girl finally pipes up. "But when I ask her something, it's the same old story. [Imitates Siri's voice:] I'm sorry, but I don't understand."

It kind of goes from there. And then we find out that one of the group has been cheating on the others. With Cortana.

Good stuff.

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