Convert Video to MPEG-2/4 or DVD in Two Steps

NewSoft announced Presto! Digital Converter 1.06. A solution for direct-to-DVD conversion of analog video and audio to digital, Presto! Digital Converter 1.06 adds MPEG-2 support for DVD and MPEG-4 support for the Apple iPod and Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). It also supports DVD+/-R DL disc recording.

In two steps, NewSoft’s Presto! Digital Converter 1.06 transfers audio or video from any AV or S-Video playback device to the designated playback media or device—n real time, without going through the computer’s hard disk. You can now access your content where and when you want it, without video-quality compromises or playback-device limitations.

Presto! Digital Converter 1.06 also includes the latest version of NewSoft’s video-editing program, VideoWorks 6.2, which gives you many video-editing tools with which to edit out unwanted content, add transition effects, and more.

Presto! Digital Converter 1.06 also offers a Save As feature, which lets you save content to burn later or view from your desktop through any leading software player. For more information about this product, which costs $59.95, check out the NewSoft Web site.

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