Classes for Networking and Services

Classes for Networking and Services

By creating classes, you can simplify Windows APIs' functionality and make code reusable. The Services Monitor application uses several networking and system Visual Basic (VB) classes I created. The CNetwork, CDomain, CServer, and CNetErr classes encapsulate the Windows Networking (WNet) APIs. The CService class encapsulates the Service Control Manager (SCM) APIs. You can use these classes to harness the power of lower-level WNet and SCM APIs without stepping into the messier and more difficult details of API coding. You can use these classes in other applications by including the appropriate .bas and .cls files in your project.

Services Monitor provides a sample framework that demonstrates how you can use these classes, but you can use other methods and priorities that Services Monitor doesn't use. Table A provides an overview of the VB networking and service access classes that Services Monitor uses.

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