CimTrak Web Security Prevents Web Defacement

CIMCOR released its new CimTrak Web Security Edition software, which detects and circumvents unauthorized file changes and defacements to a Web site and automatically restores the files. The product uses a master repository to store a Web site's master files. When CimTrak detects unauthorized changes, the Web server sends a status report to the repository server and any changes to files so that the repository server can restore validated files back to the Web server.

"We feel that CimTrak Web Security Edition brings industrial-strength change control and security mechanisms to the enterprise by finally enabling them to secure Web servers and other critical servers from unauthorized modifications," said Robert E. Johnson, III, president of CIMCOR.

The product monitors critical system parameters, including available physical memory disk space, CPU utilization, and bandwidth utilization. CimTrak supports static and dynamic pages, logs all potential intrusions, quarantines modified files, provides backup and revision-history logs, and minimizes its own use of a Web server's CPU. The product also provides a virtual-alarm system that alerts administrators when unauthorized changes occur.

CimTrak is currently available for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), and CIMCOR expects to have a version available soon for Apache on Linux platforms. The product costs $1995 for the base package and $995 for each addition virtual Web site. Support for the product costs 10 percent of the total product order.

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