Charge 'Em if you Got 'Em: TSA Requires Fully Charged, Powered-On Devices

Charge 'Em if you Got 'Em: TSA Requires Fully Charged, Powered-On Devices

My race to the airport always includes charging my smartphone during the entire trip. I have a 45 minute trek to my closest airport, so by the time I arrive, my smartphone is fresh for the day's travel.

However, for those without battery awareness, new travel rules presented by the TSA could make you think twice before leaving home without addressing the power needs of your devices. If you travel overseas, or support business professionals that regularly travel between the U.S. and a foreign country, you'll want to pass this tip along.

The Associated Press is reporting that passengers on all in-bound flights to the U.S., will have mobile devices more heavily scrutinized. According to U.S. security officials, there is fear that Yemen-based al Qaeda might have invented ways to turn mobile devices into bombs while avoiding security detection. Originally targeted toward Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the new rules have expanded to all mobile devices.

The new rules mean that any carry-on device must be charged and powered-on so that TSA agents can verify the devices are not intended for something dire.

As is usually the case, the U.S. is working off of acquired intelligence and no specific plots have been identified. However, the alert level has been raised due to evidence of smartphone bomb designs being tested in Syria.

Homeland Security is working with overseas airports with direct flights to the U.S. to introduce enhanced security measures. There are no changes to what can be carried aboard, just that more scrutiny will be applied. The UK Department of Transport has already begun to make changes in security check-in procedures.

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