CEA Adopts Standard for Ethernet QoS

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that its Home Network Committee (R7) has adopted a new standard for home networks. The association created the CEA-2007 Quality of Service Priority Groupings for 802.1Q to improve Ethernet networks' ability to play high-quality audio and video content by defining standards for using 802.1Q priorities for consumer-electronics devices. CEA-2007 recognizes three classes of Quality of Service (QoS): best effort, priority routing, and fully managed connections.

"CEA-2007 allows simple QoS implementations, which are important for uninterrupted enjoyment of AV content (i.e., movies and music), to be deployed now," Glen Stone, director of strategy, standards, and architecture at Sony, said. Stone, who is chairman of the group that developed the standard, also said, "The standard allows for more robust QoS implementations when they are developed in the future and maintains backward, and forward, compatibility with the earlier QoS implementations."

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