Can any tools identify whether a system is missing important service packs?

A. In How can I check which hotfixes a remote system has installed?, I discussed CmdInfo, a freeware utility (available at that you can use to test whether a hotfix is installed on local and remote machines. Recently, Microsoft released a new tool, hfnetchk, that communicates with a constantly updated list of hotfixes stored on the Microsoft Web site and can determine whether your system is missing any critical fixes. You can use hfnetchk to scan one computer, a group of computers, or a whole domain. See Microsoft article Q303215 for further information.

You can download hfnetchk from

Here is a sample execution:

D:\temp>hfnetchk -i
Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker, 3.1
Developed for Microsoft by Shavlik Technologies, LLC
[email protected] (

** Attempting to download the XML from
ml/security/1.0/NT5/EN-US/ **

** File was successfully downloaded. **

** Attempting to load D:\temp\mssecure.xml. **

Using XML data version = Last modified on 8/21/2001.


Done scanning


Patch NOT Found MS00-077 Q299796
Patch NOT Found MS00-079 Q276471
Patch NOT Found MS01-007 Q285851
Patch NOT Found MS01-013 Q285156
WARNING MS01-022 Q296441
Patch NOT Found MS01-025 Q296185
Patch NOT Found MS01-031 Q299553
Patch NOT Found MS01-036 Q299687
Patch NOT Found MS01-037 Q302755
Patch NOT Found MS01-040 Q292435
Patch NOT Found MS01-041 Q298012
Patch NOT Found MS01-043 Q303984
Patch NOT Found MS01-046 Q252795

Internet Information Services 5.0

Patch NOT Found MS01-025 Q296185
Patch NOT Found MS01-044 Q301625

Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1

Patch NOT Found MS00-093 Q279328
Patch NOT Found MS01-015 Q286043

SQL Server 2000 Gold

WARNING MS00-092 Q280380
WARNING MS01-032 Q299717
WARNING MS01-041 Q298012

It's important to note that Microsoft now offers several utilities to analyze your machine, including

It's best to use all of these resources to ensure your system is up-to-date.
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