BYOD in the UK

BYOD in the UK

Despite what you might think or feel about BYOD, perception of success is growing. Adoption may have stalled for some waiting for strong technological push, but it does exist and it is real.

CompTIA recently released a report on the current state of BYOD, which shows that the majority of larger companies are doing nothing with it, which led me to the assumption that BYOD is like the modern day asbestos. However, report findings are always interesting to pick through. Being able to take a stat and spin it to your side of an argument is a noteworthy attribute and is what feeds much of our political system here in the U.S. Who knew we were all marketers?

A recent study by Vanson Bourne, developed from a survey to 100 UK businesses with a minimum of 500 employees, shows the great BYOD divide between the U.S. and the UK. When you compare the two reports, some of the stats are the same, but it would appear that the UK has embraced BYOD on a much greater level.

This seems in line with what I know of the Systems Management market, too. Europe tends to adopt Cloudier options much quicker and much easier than businesses in the U.S. In Europe, Windows Intune is a hugely successful vehicle for delivering Cloud-based management for both computers and devices, yet the U.S. has been moving much slower adopting the Microsoft solution. But, that could start to change. I've heard new numbers of Windows Intune seats in the U.S. just recently, showing new contracts signed in the 30k-100k ranges. So, Microsoft may be turning the corner. That's noteworthy, as Microsoft is intent on pushing into the EMM space to hopefully capture a spot in Gartner's report for 2015 (which they were summarily left out of this year). Without a strong showing in mobile device management, Microsoft will only be able to achieve half of Satya's Mobile First/Cloud First dream.

Vanson Bourne has delivered its survey results in the form of an Infographic that highlights all the virtues that we've come to hear (almost annoyingly) about BYOD, from employee satisfaction to policies to adoption.

Here it is:


BYOD : The Reality in 2014
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