Buy the Numbers - 01 Mar 1996

All tests using the BAPCo benchmarks (see graphs A through D) are compared here to a system that could be a low-priced alternative as a desktop workstation. The entire system, which costs about $2950, includes a standard Intel board with a 100-MHz Pentium, 32MB of RAM, a 2MB Diamond Stealth 64 PCI video card, 1GB hard disk, 4X CD-ROM drive, and a 3Com Etherlink III. The SYSmark rating is based on a suite of common office automation and CAD packages (Microsoft Word, Texim Project, Max EDA) running scripted operations that are similar to what a typical user might do. The actual results are computed relative to a 486DX2/50 baseline system running Windows NT Workstation 3.51 with 16 MB of RAM. They are presented on a linear scale where a machine with an overall rating of 200 is twice as fast as one that rates 100. Each application was run three times. The final result is an average of three runs to allow for inconsistencies between runs.

Graph A shows the average SYSmark rating for each application, graph B shows runtimes, graph C shows overall performance, and graph D gives you an idea of the system's value in performance per cost. For more information on the BAPCo test suite, visit their web site at

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