Business Investors Diversify Attendance at International CES

The 2004 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), traditionally a hotbed for retailers and manufacturers of consumer technology, reports a rise in the diversity of its attendants. A principle cause of the diversity for the trade show—held January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada—is corporate investment in consumer technology. The aerospace sector, for example, attracts members of the airline industry. Representatives from companies such as Boeing and United Airlines visit the trade show to learn about in-flight entertainment, media programming, and other technology for use in flight. Automotive companies also attend —Chrysler, Lexus, Toyota, and other companies send representatives to find out about satellite radio and in-car entertainment. Clothing and accessories retailers such as adidas, Ann Taylor, Nike, Quicksilver, and other clothing companies send representatives attend CES to learn how they can create fashions that coordinate with current mobile products.

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