Burn DVDs From Any Computer

Brooding because you didn't opt for the DVD burner with that PC you bought last year? Forget about it. Pioneer Electronics introduced the DVR-S706 8X external DVD/CD writer yesterday. You can burn movies, slideshows, data, and music to DVD by hooking the DVR-S706 to your computer through a firewire or USB port.

The DVR-S706 illustrates recent advancements in DVD and CD burning technology. The product lets you burn a DVD-R or +R disk in about 15 minutes with reduced operational noise, and you can record on slightly irregular disks with optimal results. The burner also comes with a software package that lets you create videos, transfer, browse, and modify photos, and create scrapbook pages. NovaStor's NovaBackup that's included prevents users from losing information. The Pioneer DVR-S706 will be available in early May at a suggested retail price of $260.

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