Build 2017: Hub and Expo Show Floor Tour


Every year as part of the Build conference for developers, Microsoft hosts a showcase called The Hub.

The hub is an area where attendees at the conference can meet with Microsoft Partners to learn about various solutions that are available using Microsoft products and services plus there are Microsoft booths with representatives from the various teams to talk about their offerings.

This year, just like in the past, The Hub is a constant hive of activity as attendees come in to visit various booths in between their own sessions.

However, since we are in Microsoft's own backyard in downtown Seattle this year it seems there are many more product teams from the company in The Hub then when the event is out of town.

That is a good thing because it gives Build 2017 attendees a much higher degree of access to Microsoft employees to talk about all the new products, services, and other news from the keynotes.

So take a look through the gallery and see the sheer madness that is the 2017 version of the Build Hub and showcase.

Note: All of these images were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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