Build 2016 - Visiting the Hub Expo Floor


As Build 2016 is wrapping up here in San Francisco at the Moscone Center I wanted to share a look into one of the biggest features of the conference - The Hub.

In a massive space on the bottom floor of the Moscone Center, Microsoft and a lot of its partners are displaying their hardware and software products for attendees to check out first hand.

Also scattered throughout the space are stages for speakers and audience members to learn more about the technologies on display.

Microsoft itself occupies about 65% of the show floor space with employees showing off every aspect of the companies technologies and services with hands on demos and interactions. Their partners take up most of the remainder of the floor space with a small piece of the floor space occupied by Destination: Mars.

Destination: Mars is a joint effort between NASA and Microsoft which uses images from the NASA Mars rovers and Microsoft HoloLens to give participants the experience of standing on Mars itself. You even get the chance to meet Buzz Aldrin who is your host. I got to experience that last night and will be writing more on that later.

So enjoy the short tour around The Hub and if you have any questions let us know.


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