BUILD 2016 sells out in just 1 minute

BUILD 2016 sells out in just 1 minute

Once again Microsoft's annual developer conference, BUILD, has sold out very quickly. This year it happened within just one minute after registration opened up according to Steve Guggenheimer Microsoft's Chief Evangelist of the Developer Experience.

According to some on Twitter, they were being wait listed just 4 or 5 minutes after Microsoft turned on registration at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time.

For comparison BUILD 2015 sold out in 20 minutes.

This is a very positive sign for Microsoft because it is a strong indicator of continued developer interest in the Windows ecosystem for development despite the challenges of a shrinking user base on mobile and the reported decline in PC sales.

Although no agenda has been made public you can expect a lot about Windows 10 across the entire range of devices plus more about HoloLens as it heads to some developers this Spring.

One of the big changes this year is that Microsoft has decided to not provide their typical hardware giveaway to attendees in order to provide a more in depth technical experience for developers in attendance.

The sell out has of course upset many because of how quickly the event sold out this year.

Guggenheimer, replying to many of these folks on Twitter, has promised that a lot of the content will be streamed over Channel 9 and the company will work on increasing event capacity for 2017.

Did you get signed up or wait listed for the event?

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