The Best 3rd Party Power Adapter for the Original Microsoft Surface Pro

The Best 3rd Party Power Adapter for the Original Microsoft Surface Pro

Here in our family, we have at least 4 of the original Microsoft Surface Pros in constant use. The originals are about as solid and trustworthy as the old IBM Microchannel PCs. They just won’t die. And, I know many of you are still running these tablets for various things.

The power adapter, however, is a different story, and over the past couple years I’ve had to replace these constantly. It’s always been problematic, too, because the majority of 3rd party replacements are never that great. They either die quickly, come apart due to poorly glued plastic seams, or the connectors aren't manufactured to seat correctly. Buying a replacement power brick for the Surface Pro is like playing Russian Roulette – you just never know what you’re going to get, or how long the replacement itself might last.

During my last round of power adapter purchasing, I’ve finally come across a really great replacement that I wholeheartedly recommend. Not only is this new find quality built, but it also sports a much longer cable. If you’ve had experience with the Surface Pro’s original power adapter, you known the cabling was much too short. Microsoft still offers a 1st party replacement, but it still matches the original (short cabling) specs, so the longer cabling for this newly discovered device makes it a much better value.

On Amazon: Dragon 48W 12V 3.6A Power Adapter Charger for Microsoft Surface Pro 1 Pro 2

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