Band v2 Enhancements: The USB Charging Cable and Connector

Band v2 Enhancements: The USB Charging Cable and Connector

I’m not ready to say that this enhancement is an improvement, but Band v2 sports a new connector, new connector location, and so needs a brand new USB cable for charging and connecting to the Windows Desktop Sync application.

v1 users are familiar with how that version of the charging cable connects. For v1, it’s a magnetic connector that snaps in and out pretty easily. However, due to the location of v1’s connector, body sweat from exercise would corrode the connector. Evidence of this happening would start with Band v1 no longer able to connect to the Windows Desktop Sync application, and then eventually would become so corroded it would stop charging altogether.

So, Band v2 offers both a new connector and a new connector location. The connector for Band v2 is now at the very end of the strap. The connector is arranged in such a way that it should never touch the skin during exercise, as it’s on the metal clasp side which protects it from skin contact. While this is an improvement to protect Band v2, it is more difficult to attach and detach.

Here’s a comparison between the v1 and v2…

I’m fine with this change as long as it does truly protect the Band. It’s just different.

P.S. I have a backup USB Charging Cable for Band v2 arriving today and I’ll be updating my Charging Strategy (from v1) once it arrives. There’s some definite tweaking that needs to be done between v1 and v2. v2’s battery just doesn’t seem to last as long.

Microsoft Band v2 on Microsoft Band 2

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