Band v2 December Update Brings Extra Happy Goal Tiles

Band v2 December Update Brings Extra Happy Goal Tiles

Let’s paint a happy little tree. Oh wait, wrong thought.

One of the things I love about the Microsoft Band is the attention to detail – for the little things. Sure, Band v1 was not the prettiest accoutrement in the jewelry drawer, but the data it tracked and the accuracy of the sensors made it hard to dismiss. Now, with Band v2 and its somewhat less hideous design (it still needs some work) a lot of those fit and finish pieces are still rolling in.

The December update for Band v2 brought some announced new features (announced features, new feature walkthrough) such as on-screen music controls, exercise categories, and movement reminders. It did also bring a couple bugs (read about those HERE), but those will get fixed eventually.

However, there is also at least one unannounced feature that, while not a major thing, is actually pretty neat – and shows how the Band team at Microsoft is passionate about delivering a fantastic fitness experience.

Now, when you reach a goal for calories or steps, the old boring notification tile has been replaced with a happier, more exciting tile, making goal completion more of a celebration (and it should be). The new tile alert shows animated effervescent bubbles. Here’s what it looks like:

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