AVIcode Intercept Studio 2.3 - 28 Feb 2006

AVIcode Intercept Studio is the core technology behind the AVIcode .NET Management Pack. Both AVIcode .NET Management Pack and AVIcode Intercept Studio let you monitor .NET applications for exception and performance problems. However, Intercept Studio is primarily intended for customers who want to monitor .NET applications but aren't using MOM. Intercept Studio has no tie-in with MOM. Instead, it's used as a standalone application, and the SE-Viewer collects and manages the exception and performance event information. For more information about Intercept Studio, see the SQL Server Magazine review "AVIcode Intercept Studio 2.3," February 2006, InstantDoc ID 48818.

AVIcode .NET Management Pack (MP) Enterprise Edition

PROS: Seamless integration with MOM, no required .NET application code modifications, monitors both exception and performance conditions
CONS: Monitors only .NET applications
RATING: 4 out of 5
PRICE: $9995 for (1) Intercept SE-Viewer License and (1) agent (monitored server). Each additional agent (monitored server) is $2495.
RECOMMENDATION: AVIcode .NET MP Enterprise Edition lets you manage the critical .NET applications within your IT infrastructure that use MOM and doesn't require modifications to application source code.
CONTACT: AVIcode * 443-543-0030 * http://www.avicode.com

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