Automated Performance Monitoring with RoboMon NT

Heroix Corporation's RoboMon NT automatic performance monitoring and event management software collects data from the Windows NT Server and the NT Performance Registry and Event Log. The product's customizable rules engine analyzes the data it collects and generates an alert. The software can then notify appropriate personnel by email, terminal broadcast, or pager; attempt to solve the problem automatically; or both. Systems administrators can view events in realtime from the RoboMon Event Monitor and customize existing rules or write new ones. Administrators set monitoring schedules, define problem thresholds, and specify types of events to monitor from a Windows GUI or command-line interface.

RoboMon NT archives its data and can apply its artificial intelligence to that data to learn how to solve new problems. The software works on the system level (it isn't a network monitor), but it can detect network-related problems such as unreachable hosts or network interface difficulties. You can integrate the software with other enterprise management tools via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps. According to Heroix, RoboMon NT supports NT Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Internet Information Server, and Systems Management Server.

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