AutoCorrect helps improve the accuracy of your documents by catching typos and common misspellings. When you type a word, it is evaluated against the options of the AutoCorrect feature, and changed if it contains any of the errors that AutoCorrect is configured to identify.

Among the typos that AutoCorrect catches:

  • HOlding down the SHift key a little too long. Word will catch the mistake and correct two initial capitals, so the text will become: Holding down the Shift key a little too long.
  • tHE cAPS lOCK KEY IS ON AND YOU DON'T REALIZE IT. Word will automatically correct the text (The Caps Lock key is on and you don't realize it) and will turn off the Caps Lock key. You might never realize that you had made a mistake because Word corrects it so effectively.
  • Capitalization. Word will correctly capitalize the names of days and months, and the first letter of a sentence.
  • Common typos and misspellings. Word maintains a list of common typos, such as cotten, and the correct spelling, cotton.

Each of the AutoCorrect features can be configured so that the feature works the way you want it to.

The AutoCorrect feature is shared across Microsoft Office applications, so changes you make to AutoCorrect will also take effect in PowerPoint, Excel, and Access.


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