ASUS Takes the Next Step, Pulls Out of Windows RT

ASUS Takes the Next Step, Pulls Out of Windows RT

At the end of July 2013, ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih suggested that the future of Windows RT was "not very promising." ASUS has now taken its comments and made an actionable step to end production of devices based on the Windows RT operating system.

ASUS Chief Executive Jerry Shen told The Wall Street Journal that due to financial reasons and also industry sentiment, that ASUS will be halting manufacturing for new Windows RT tablets. Shen's actual statement to The Wall Street Journal seems to suggest that ASUS thought others in the industry might make the same decision soon, saying "It's not only our opinion…"

Shen, however, indicated ASUS will now focus all time and energy into devices that use Intel chips. This backs up what Shih said in July. In a PC World interview about how the Nexus 7 almost broke ASUS, Shih says the direction is toward x86 (Intel chips) and Windows 8.1.


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