Assigning Multiple Logon Profiles to One NIC in Win2K

I've heard that Windows 2000 lets you assign multiple logon profiles, including IP addresses, to a single NIC in a notebook computer. For the life of me, I can't get this trick to work. How can I accomplish my goal?

This goodie is the result of a Win2K quirk. Apparently, Win2K accepts multiple NICs: The OS uses a NIC's position on the PCI bus to differentiate between NICs. When you attach a NIC to your laptop through PC Card slot 1, the OS considers the NIC to be in one network. When you attach the same NIC to the system through PC Card slot 2, Win2K considers the NIC to be in a different network. Therefore, you can assign one IP address to your PC Card NIC when it's in slot 1 and assign a different address when the card is in slot 2. To log on to different networks, simply move the NIC to the appropriate slot. The trick works like a charm.

TAGS: Windows 8
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