Are there any Easter Eggs in Internet Explorer 5.0?

A. There are two Easter eggs I know of for IE 5.0.

  1. Open up Notepad
  2. Type:
    <!-- introducing the Trident team -->
  3. Save the file as "test.htm" (make sure you add the quotes or .txt will be added to the end)
  4. Open up "test.htm" in IE5
  5. IE5 Easter Egg #1 is shown

Click here to view image

(Actually this Easter Egg also runs on IE4.01)

Number two:

  1. Start IE5
  2. From the Tools menu, Internet Options
  3. Select the General tab
  4. Click the Languages button
  5. Click 'Add'
  6. Type: "ie-ee" (without the quotes) and click 'OK'
  7. Move "User Defined \[ie-ee\]" to the TOP of the list. Click OK
  8. Click OK to the main dialog
  9. Click on the Search icon (to pull up the side search menu), notice the new Search options :-)
  10. Select 'Previous Searches'

To remove ie-ee just start the Languages dialog again, select ie-ee and click Remove.

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