Apple and RealNetworks to Battle Microsoft?

Is RealNetworks on the verge of switching music formats from the proprietary Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format to Windows Media Audio (WMA)? That seems to be the case, according to a recent report that exposed an email message from RealNetworks Chairman and CEO Rob Glaser to Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs. Glaser allegedly emailed Jobs earlier this month, looking to form a pact with the company to support Apple's proprietary music technology in its online store and audio software. According to the message, Glaser's appeal to Jobs is a last-ditch effort to avoid switching to Microsoft's WMA audio format, which is used in just about every online music store (except for Apple's) and is supported by a majority of available portable music devices. As discussed in "Subscriptions Are the Future of Digital Media Delivery," WMA-based music stores will soon support a subscription model that will let buyers rent an unlimited amount of music for a small monthly fee. If RealNetworks moves to the Microsoft camp, it would be a huge endorsement of Microsoft's technology, which is exactly what Glaser—a Microsoft enemy—is hoping to avoid. Stay tuned.

TAGS: Windows 8
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